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Nick Razmovski is Credit Manager ‘At Call’

Nick is an accounts receivable specialist, who has been in the industry for close to 30 years.

Nick has provided credit management support for various clients in diverse industries who provide commercial credit.

He is a licenced commercial agent in the field of debt recovery and sees himself as the protector of the biggest asset on the Balance Sheet, the debtors receivables.

Let Nick help build your business on credit by implementing policies and procedures to protect it.

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“I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Nick Razmovski for many many years both in his expertise as a Credit Manager for a major blue chip firm and many others, and also to recover accounts that are trading outside their agreed trading terms.

“Commercial Credit” is a science, and Nick Razmovski not only understands this science, he breathes it and brings it to life every day for many commercial credit providers.

If you are seeking to grant commercial credit, implement customer friendly commercial credit terms, terms that include tools to grant the credit and tools to recover the credit should the need arise, then I highly recommend Nick Razmovski to those who wish to value add to their business by granting commercial credit to their customers”.

Thank you Nick it is a pleasure to be counted as one of your colleagues”.

Phillip A. Tull | Solicitor | PAT Law & Associates Pty Ltd


Thank you Nick for your support. On each occasion I have needed to use your services my matters have been settled to a positive result in an expedient & professional manner.

 Jeff Brown | Electrical Contractor


“I have known Nick Razmovski for many years, he has helped Good Food Distributors create a strong mind in Credit Management with the view, to study all facets of Credit, formulate new procedures & policies. He has brought ways to reduce Bad Debt exposure, with the idea of inputting clauses to benefit our Company to recover costs for Overdue Accounts.

He has reviewed our Credit Application with the respect to the new laws & legislation requirements. I have no hesitation in recommending Nick Razmovski as an External Credit Manager Consultant & also as a Commercial Agent.”

Kerry Grice | Accountant | Good Food Distributors

Build Your Business

Let Nick Razmovski help build your business on credit by implementing policies and procedures to protect it.