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“Nick has been very professional to deal with and, unlike some debt collectors, Nick can get results.”
Leo Brogan | National Diesel


Commercial Credit Policy & Development

  • Review Current Credit Policy
  • Build & Implement Credit Policy with current legislations
  • Train the Staff with correct Policy procedures
  • Have Management sign on Credit Policy Development


Evaluation of Current Commercial Credit Procedures

  • Revise Current Commercial Credit Procedures
  • Implement new Commercial Credit Procedures
  • Train the staff with Credit procedure techniques


Commercial Credit Application

  • Purchase Current & Legislative Commercial Credit Application
  • Review Current Commercial Credit Application
  • Advise of the changes & reasons for the Credit Application
  • Implement New Commercial Credit Application
  • Train Credit Staff the Importance of the Credit Application
  • Train Sales Staff reasons for the Credit Application
  • Have Management sign off the Credit Application


Credit Application Approval Procedures

  • Review current approval procedures
  • Advise correct Approval procedures
  • Implement new Credit Approval procedures (Such as Trade Reference reviews, Business Report details)
  • Have Management Sign off Credit Application Approval Procedures

Credit Staff Training

  • Train the Credit Staff with new laws of credit
  • Train the Credit Team of correct telephone techniques
  • Collecting & detailing of calls to Customers
  • Dealing with Difficult Customers
  • Dealing with Harassment cases


Credit Management Support

  • Control & Manage the Accounts Receivables
  • Become your Internal / External Credit Manager
  • Detailing with all Credit Management Issues at a timely manner
  • Provide cash-flow projections
  • Attend to meetings as required
  • Provide detailed reports on Credit collections


Debt Recovery

  • Become your Debt Recovery Licensed Commercial Agent
  • Review accounts for Debt Recovery
  • Call the Debtors for payments.
  • Provide action recovery plan per account
  • Hold Mediation meetings with Debtors
  • Send out letter of demands as your Recovery Agent
  • Recovery Bad Debt accounts
  • Liaise with all Legal teams


Debt Recovery Tools

  • Prepare Caveats for Properties
  • Prepare Statement of Liquidated Claims
  • Prepare Statutory Demands
  • Prepare Writs of Executions for Sheriffs
  • Prepare Bank Garnishee Orders
  • Prepare Examinations Summons

Build Your Business

Let Nick Razmovski help build your business on credit by implementing policies and procedures to protect it.